About the project

THE TRIO PROJECT by Annalisa Derossi / ARTbewegt e.V. explores the interaction between music and dance in an extraordinary framework. All the artists involved are both professional musicians and dancers.
It all begins with the Beethoven Trio op.11. Subsequently, the focus shifts towards an original piece of music in which music and dance are interwoven in a stunning way.

THE TRIO PROJECT is an evolution of what Annalisa Derossi has been showing on stage so far throughout her career as a musician and dancer.
The project is all about the relationship between music, movement and composition, where a new form of language stems from. Dance begins with the very first movement of the musicians. Along the Beethoven Trio, as though the musicians danced under a magnifying glass, every movement they make, though minimal, becomes dance. In turn, choreographic elements will affect the production of sounds, which will be the core of the new composition. Musical and choreographic compositions take place simultaneously, conditioning each other.
The composer Iñigo Giner Miranda is the mentor of this musical process. Silvia Ventura cares for the choreographic quality of the work.

“Beethoven was not afraid to break new ground. He was inspired by the great masters of his time, but with vehemence and courage he completed the generational change from Classicism to Romanticism and left the beaten path. I consider this as an encouragement to undertake new ways. I do not think there is competition between classical and contemporary music, but I consider the latter its natural evolution. “Annalisa Derossi